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About Us

Lift Africa Nation is a health and wellness organization for the African diaspora, as well as all walks of life. We seek to help improve our client's overall understanding of health management.


What We Do.

Lift Africa's aim is to encourage growth, discipline, and healthy living using a collaborative approach. It's always better to lift together.

Fitness Classes

Lift Africa Fitness Training programs aim to provide professional guidance at the pace necessary for the client to improve their health, accountablility to maximize results, and involvement rather than using a teaching approach that enables the client to take ownership of their health progress.


Lift Africa seeks to provide nutritional support and programs for clients who seek to learn how to cook healthly recipes and look to maintain, lose, or gain weight. This service will be provided by certified nutritionists, dieticians, and cooking experts that already provide such services to people.

Mental Wellness

Lift Africa looks to partner with several doctors, therapists, mental wellness advocates that will take part in providing services for clients at a low-cost. These services consist of utilizing trained professionals to help clients deal with depression, anger, family abuse, substance abuse, etc.

Run Club

Lift Africa's Run Club is a free weekly run service organized, by the Lift Africa Staff, to help our clients improve their overall health, by becoming aware of unhealthy lifestyles and patterns. Join Today!


Lift Africa Community

Lift Africa was founded on several principals that drive our community. By adhearing to these principles, our community develops themselves in ways others couldn't even imagine. Join the community, see for yourself!


Striving to better yourself each & every day allows you to grow and achieve more than you ever could before! Push yourself beyond your capabilities, Sign up for a Fitness Class! More Details

Be Responsible

Hold yourself accountable for your choices and experiences you undertake. Learn to not cheat yourself out of your future. Book a One on One training session! More Details

Feel Welcomed

Be apart of something more than just a group. Be apart of a growing community #LiftAfricaNation More Details

Feel Good

Enjoy the body & soul you wake up with everyday. Learn to take care of you, mentally, physically, and more. Visit our Mental Wellness sections for tips on improving you! More Details

Stay Ready

Respect yourself, Respect others, Respect the Life you've been given. Honor your commitments. Learn balance in your everyday, visit our blog for tips and more! More Details


By eating healthy and making a commitment to healthy life, you are chosing to better yourself for the future. Our premier Nutritionist can help you achieve a better you! More Details


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Lift Africa will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

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